…well into the second 5 year mission!

Aerial Dogfight in the Tetons

A few days ago, I walked to “my” rock at String Lake to sit and read a while.  On arrival, I heard a lot of raptor chatter in the sky above.  I doffed my pack and turned my camera on.  Above me, a battle was taking place.  Apparently, an osprey had caught a fish almost as big as it was, and a bald eagle decided such a feast ought to be shared – or surrendered.  At any rate, the eagle was pursuing the osprey in loops, dives and climbs above String Lake.

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_0

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_1

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_2

Eventually, the osprey outflew the eagle, and it gave up, heading to the west, I guess to look for something easier to steal.  The osprey departed to the southeast, flying right over my head.

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_3

Later, a pair of sand hill cranes squawked to get my attention, as if they didn’t want to be slighted.

Sand Hill cranes 2018-06-26_1

That day clearly was going to the birds.  (Sorry…  🙂 )




2 responses

  1. Cute story and great pictures. I looked at this right after having read a post by Larry W. that generators that must be carried in the back of pick up trucks are subject to thievery. I guess animals/birds have the same tendencies. ;->

    Virtual hugs,



    June 27, 2018 at 8:29 pm

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