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A Late Winter/Early Spring Visit To The Tetons

I have seen the Tetons from late May to late September, but never in “winter”.  I decided to change that on my trip north.  My thinking was, I might see some snow on the ground, and this early in the season, it would not be busy, so my chances of seeing bears would improve.

When I got here, the winter look was delightful.

01 Tetons 2017-04-19_3

The skies were pretty overcast, though.  It wasn’t quite what I wanted.  Still, critters were out and about.  The elk herd was moving north, out of the elk refuge.

02 Tetons elk 2017-04-20

Bison were on the road near the Gros Ventre Campground.

03 Tetons bison 2017-04-20_4

And there it was – a male grizzly, on a hillside near Oxbow Bend.

04 Tetons Grizzly 2017-04-19

I continued up to Jackson Lake, where we had been swimming last summer.  Well, I wanted snow…

05 Tetons 2017-04-20_1

Soon thereafter, a bit of mixed blue sky showed up, and I made the most of it.

06 Tetons 2017-04-20_9

07 Tetons 2017-04-20_10

Inspired by friend Jan, I played a bit with the last shot above.  My engineer’s mind wants to make every photo as accurate and realistic as I can, but Jan urged me to just experiment.  So, I took that shot, and adjusted the levels for maximum intensity of white, darkening everything else.

08 Tetons 2017-04-20_10 playing

I like it.

Next day, we had a bit of fresh snow,

09 Tetons fresh snow 2017-04-21_1

and the sky turned blue.  I know these are repetitive, but without an editor, I couldn’t decide what to cut.

10 Tetons 2017-04-22_1

11 Tetons 2017-04-22_2

12 Tetons 2017-04-22_5

13 Tetons 2017-04-22_6

So, the side trip with 4 extra days of driving was worthwhile.  I am really glad I did it.


Revisiting Ken’s Lake

I know – it has been a while since I posted.  I have been taking isolated pics here and there, but nothing that I felt belonged here.

Anyway, I am now on my way north from New Mexico.  I stopped for a few days at Ken’s Lake near Moab, Utah.  With the bike, I was able to get out of the campground.  Just east of the campground is a waterfall that can be seen from my site.  Riding as close as I could get, I set up my tripod.

1 Kens Lake trail 2017-04-15_0

2 Kens Lake trail 2017-04-15_3

The falls seem to just appear, but a bit of rough hiking, which I did years ago, revealed that they come from a drainage tunnel built to divert water to the lake.  Sorry – no pics of that this year.

Further up the hill (about 800 vertical feet) is a 4WD trail.  I went a short distance up it to a rock wall with petroglyphs.

3 Kens Lake petroglyphs 2017-04-14

Below the rock wall, is a nice little waterfall.

4 Kens Lake trail 2017-04-15_7

5 Kens Lake trail 2017-04-15_4

For being in the middle of the desert, this is a pretty interesting area.