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Critter day…

Today I focused (no pun intended) on critters.  First, I found park of the elk herd at String Lake.

Tetons elk herd 2015-07-17_2

Then, on Mormon Row, I found a young coyote hiding in the grass.

Tetons coyote camo 2015-07-17

Finally, I found the bison herd.

Tetons bison 2015-07-17_3Tetons bison 2015-07-17_10Tetons bison 2015-07-17_7

Tetons bison 2015-07-17_9

For so little effort on my part, it was a pretty cool afternoon.


When skies are grey…

… photographers turn to black and white.

This is the view that greeted me as I left the campground and headed toward the Park.

02 Tetons weather 2015-07-06_8

The southern part of the Range was dramatic but…

01 Tetons weather 2015-07-06_9

The skies at the Snake River overlook blew me away.

03 Tetons weather 2015-07-06_6