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Why Oregon?

Quite a few people have asked me why I made Oregon my home.  I note that none of them were Oregonians…  The most beautiful places usually require a bit of walking, but not everything.  Here are a few of my reasons for calling this home.

First, This is where I am camped at the moment.

Lookout CG 2017-05-18_0

In the area, Spring runoff fills the reservoirs.

Blue River Reservoir area 2017-05-19_0

Blue River Reservoir area 2017-05-19_4

… and the streams.

Blue River Reservoir area 2017-05-19_8

… and the springs.

Blue River Reservoir area 2017-05-19_12

When we talk about Oregon green, this is what we mean.

Oregon green 2017-05-19_1

Oregon green 2017-05-19

Best of all, every photo in this post was taken within 50 feet of a road.