…well into the second 5 year mission!

All Creatures Great And Small

Without the hiking, my Teton summer was mostly about critters.  I spent most of the time sitting on a rock at String Lake, reading.  That quiet time brought a number of critters fairly close.  For example, a chipmunk ran over my shoe.  They skitter around so much that it was several more days before I was able to get a pic of it.

01 String Lake chipmunk 2018-07-26

While this squirrel did not get closer than about 6 or 7 feet, that was close enough, once it sat still.

02 String Lake squirrel 2018-07-31

On the way there, and on the way back, critter sightings became common.  A doe had three fawns following her around.  This one wandered away a bit.

03 Fawn at String Lake 2018-09-02_2

Wandering fawns are not a good idea.  Predators, like this coyote, abound.

04 coyote 2018-06-26

Near my boondocking site, Ospreys had a nest and I got to watch the babies grow.

05 Ospreys at Buffalo Fork 2018-08-17_3

The view at String Lake was different.  I’m repeating myself here, but… One day, I heard a mid-air argument between an osprey and an eagle.  The osprey had a fish, almost as big as it was.  The bald eagle thought it should belong to him, and an aerial duel commenced.

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_0

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_1

The osprey consistently out-turned the eagle, even burdened with that huge fish.

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_2

Eventually the eagle gave up.  The osprey flew off to the southeast, right over me, with a meal that would certainly nourish some fledglings.

Osprey v Eagle 2018-06-26_3

Deer were pretty common, and pretty accustomed to people, at my spot at String Lake.  A few years ago, ons actually stepped across my outstretched legs as it was browsing.  This doe first noticed me as it was coming south toward me.

10 String Lake deer 2018-07-16_4

She passed behind me, to the east, then came closer.

11 String Lake doe 2018-08-24_0

Finally, she was within 6 feet of me.

12 String Lake doe 2018-08-24_4

Elk frequent the area.  This one was on the far side of the lake, and seemed to be aware but unconcerned about boaters.

12a String Lake Elk 2018-07-29_1

A few weeks ago, I was reading when I heard a splash.  A large black bear was entering String Lake, perhaps 100 feet south of me.  By the time I got to my feet and grabbed my camera, it was moving across and was behind some trees.  I moved south and got a few pics of its retreating back.

13 String Lake black bear 2018-09-09_1

14 String Lake black bear 2018-09-09_2

Bucks, whether deer or elk, are harder to spot.  These were shot from the car as I was leaving String Lake.

21 String Lake Buck 2018-09-05_1

22 Teton Bull Elk 2018-07-29_2

The Inner Park Road is set in flat prairie, and pronghorns can often be seen, but they rarely are this close to the road.

23 Teton Pronghorn 2018-09-11_3

This half grown one seemed to pose for me.  I was on the shoulder of the southbound side and it was on the road edge on the northbound side.

24 Teton Pronghorn 2018-09-11_5

A bit further south, on another day, I saw a lot of parked vehicles, people with cameras, and stopped bicyclists.  It turned out, a black bear with three cubs had just crossed the road and was heading off toward the woods.

27 Teton black bear and cubs 2018-09-03_3

After I left them, I continued south to the village of Moose.  Just after the Park entry gatehouse, at the edge of the village, was a moose.

25 Teton moose 2018-09-03_2

I only saw the calf with her after she took off.

26 Teton moose and calf 2018-09-03

Seeing a grizzly is rare.  Seeing a grizzly with two cubs, well, it has only happened to me once.

28 Grizzlies 2018-08-09_2

But – the biggest critter here, and actually the most dangerous, in part because tourists don’t respect them, is the bison.

29 Tetons 2018-08-29_3

30 Mormon Row Bison 2018-09-10_2

All in all, my very sedentary and frequent presence yielded quite a few wildlife encounters.  It was a good summer.


3 responses

  1. What heart happy photos, Ken! They made my own heart race to see them. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your good fortune!

    Virtual hugs,


    Liked by 1 person

    September 22, 2018 at 7:09 pm

  2. Chris

    Loved your photos, Ken. Thanks for sharing.



    September 28, 2018 at 2:18 am

  3. When I saw the chipmunk, I thought how far you have fallen. But, you redeemed yourself admirally. We have seen osprey catching trout a few times, but I never took a picture, if I even had a camera with me. Looks like a good summer to me.


    October 5, 2018 at 2:54 pm

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