…well into the second 5 year mission!

Trying out my new “legs”

Wow – three months since my last post…  I haven’t been dragging my feet.  Honest.  I have been really busy, looking for, and hopefully finding, a new way to get a bit off road for my photography.  What I found was an electric moped.

Playing with my new legs 2016-07-08

I won’t belabor you with the path I followed, but it was challenging.  Finally, at the end of June, I received the bike and licensed it.  It will go 20 mph on the flat, but I wanted to see what it would climb.  I headed off to Glass Butte in Oregon to try some hills.

This spot is one that was too rough for my car and too far for last year’s legs, so I have never seen this view.  It isn’t spectacular, but it was new to me, a proof of concept, as it were, therefore exciting to me.

From Bike at Glass Butte 2016-06-28

I learned that the bike will pull me up a 15% grade briskly, will get me up an 18% grade, but presented with a 22% grade, it said, uh uh, not gonna do it.

I took a very short ride along the road in Idaho at a spot I stopped at for the night.

Anderson Ranch Reservoir area 2016-07-05 _1

Right now, I am close to West Yellowstone, in a nice little campground, so I took a tour with my camera.

Playing with my new legs 2016-07-08_1

Playing with my new legs 2016-07-08_2

OK, I COULD have reached these spots with my car, but I would have had to park on the campground road for them, which would have been a concern for anyone passing by.  I wouldn’t have walked – too far.  So, these are pics, again, that I got with the bike but would not have gotten without it.

I think (I hope) this will work for me.



One response

  1. Andrea E

    Looks like fun and some extended mobility. Looking forward to your photos.


    July 8, 2016 at 10:17 pm

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