…well into the second 5 year mission!

What a difference (2) days make

Over Labor Day weekend, I hung out in the Uinta Mountains northeast of Salt Lake City.  My campsite was at 8300 ‘ and the trailheads were all above 10,000 feet.  Just call me H. R. Huff n Puff…

I left there, slept in Price, UT, then drove a bit out of the way, going to Natural Bridges National Monument.  My route took me southeast, onto 95, to the northern tip of Lake Powell.  Shortly after leaving I-70, the scenery started.

Southern Utah Rt 95 2015-09-08_0

Colorful rock formations bordered my descent.

Southern Utah Rt 95 2015-09-08_1

Southern Utah Rt 95 2015-09-08_4

Southern Utah Rt 95 2015-09-08_5

Southern Utah Rt 95 2015-09-08_6

Finally, at the Lake Powell beginnings, the rocks were a fairly uniform rust color.

Southern Utah Rt 95 2015-09-08_7A real treat for the senses, and jarring in its contrast with the greenery I have been looking at for months…


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