…well into the second 5 year mission!


Jim and Gayle may be at Crested Butte, the wildflower capital of the world, but the Tetons area at this time of the year is no slouch.  First, here is a shot done from my driver’s seat as I was leaving the spot where I boondocked for a week.

01 Driggs wildflowers 2015-06-24Once I got to the east side, the valley was covered with flowers – yellow, purple, white…

02 Teton wildflowers 2015-06-26_4

Looking at a broad expanse is nice, but getting up close and personal is rewarding, as well.

03 Jenny Lake wildflowers 2015-06-26_3

05 Jenny Lake wildflowers 2015-06-26_33

06 Tetons String Lake Trail 2015-06-16_1

07 Tetons Wildflowers 2015-06-21_46 08 Tetons Wildflowers 2015-06-21_48

It’s not just the Tetons.  Craters Of The Moon, the most barren, desolate scene you could imagine, still treated visitors with life.

11 Craters Of The Moon 2015-06-04_610 Craters Of The Moon 2015-06-04_3

Let’s finish this wildflower extravaganza with a shot from the Sawtooths in Idaho.

09 Sawtooths 2015-06-02_0

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